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Monday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

Florida v Georgia Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Another work week dawns, well, for all of us except Jim McElwain who’s about to get in some work on his golf game. Before you get down to business, here’s what’s making news in Bulldog Nation.

Saquon Barkley’s Heisman resume is well known. Sony Michel’s however may be better.

Georgia received first place votes in the AP poll this week for the first time since September 2008. A month ago that would have terrified me. Now I’ve learned to stop worrying and love the Fromm. When you see Kirby Smart lighting into Julian Rochester for taking his helmet off, and admitting he was "pissed" that the reserves let Florida score, you worry less about complacency than before.

The college football playoff committee will release its first rankings tomorrow. Jason Kirk makes the case that the Georgia Bulldogs should be their #1 team. That and $15 will buy you a coffee at Starbuck’s at this point, but it would be a definite mile post for program progress.

As the Senator notes, this kind of progress doesn’t come cheap. But that’s fine if you can spread the costs around.

Finally, Jim McElwain is officially gone, and Alligator Army looks at the candidates to replace him. Spoiler: the list is full of generally good football coaches who nevertheless aren’t the next coming of Steve Spurrier or Urban Meyer. Which is fine by me. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!