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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Wants You To Know We’re Not Alabama

NCAA Football: Appalachian State at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning, Bulldog fans, and welcome to Tuesday. It’s kinda like Monday where you’re still reliving a Rocky Top tail-kickin’, and yet it’s not near enough to Friday where you’re worrying about 4th and 1 play calls against Vanderbilt. So to keep you busy, here are a few notes and news:

Jason Butt gets some sound from that incredible Georgia Bulldog defense. And Coach Kirby Smart, in very appropriate terms, clarifies they are not Alabama (hint: he got this one right). If you want to get the full gist, and I suggest you do, check out the press conference here. The 14:45 mark might be one you pay attention to.

The Macon Telegraph goes on to say that the Process is ingrained in this squad, and they too realize humility is just 4 days away.

You know who is humble? Nick Chubb is humble. He is also a manimal. To boot, he’s the SEC Offensive Player of the Week.

If you’re like me, you devour any bit of national coverage given to our Classic City Canines. Since we’re now up to Number 5 in the polls, there should be tons of stories on sites like Sports Illustrated, USA Today, the New York Times, etc. I don’t think there are, though I admit I didnt look. But with a hat tip to DawgInStLouis, at least the Washington Post noticed, and encouraged others to as well.

The news isn’t 100% rosy, as we will definitely be without the services of Trenton Thompson versus Vanderbilt. This isn’t good, but all season Mel Tucker has proven how to substitute and build depth with real playing time across our front 7. No news on Reggie Carter who exited the game versus Tennessee with an “undisclosed injury”.

If Coach Smart has successfully kept his charges focused on the next game/next day/next play, then at least we fans can look ahead as much as we dang well care to. To that end, and in another poorly kept secret, the Missouri game has been announced as a 7:30 kickoff and televised by the SEC Network.

That should hold you for the moment, but stick around this week as we turn Vanderbilt into the football team from Tennessee we consider a legitimate rival.