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Sunday ‘Dawg Bites: It’s great! To be! A Georgia Bulldog!

Welcome to the morning after the most decisive Georgia victory in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party since 1982.

That was a lot of fun to type. Seriously, I just giggled like Sony Michel one on one in the open field against a Gator linebacker. Now on to the news.

Kirby Smart is getting so many people fired I'm going to nickname him "browser history." While it’s fun to speculate about Jim McElwain’s future, ask yourself: if you were a coaching candidate seeing that winning the SEC East in years one and two wasn’t enough, would you want this job?

Alligator Army sounds about this game the way I did about Georgia’s 2015 loss to Alabama. Some losses are just too much to come back from.

Florida’s 247Sports site is more direct: McElwain has to go.

Davin Bellamy says that Georgia played with "controlled anger" on Saturday and that he personally found a lot of the chatter from Florida players before the game "very disrespectful." For my part, I thought it was manufactured bravado engineered by a Florida coaching staff desperate to make something happen. They chose....poorly. Put another way:

Kirby Smart spoke last week about how his team needs to "affect the quarterback" even if they don’t get there for the sack. It’s safe to say the head ‘Dawg was more pleased with this week’s effort.

Except for the effort from the backups who gave up that late score. Kirby is "pissed" about that one. And this makes me so happy I can’t stand it.

Next up for Georgia? South Carolina, which didn’t technically lose to Vanderbilt this weekend. Yeah!

Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!