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The World’s Largest Outdoor First Half Comment Thread

Florida delenda est.

NCAA Football: Georgia vs Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia and Florida will kick things off from the friendly confines of Everbank Field in Jacksonville at 3:30 or a little thereafter (CBS). Georgia is a big favorite. Florida has lost two in a row and is a little in disarray. Just this morning rumors have begun to swirl about buyout talks surrounding Florida coach Jim McElwain regardless of what happens this afternoon. A better man would feel some sympathy for the Sunshine State Saurians.

Whatever. I, a long suffering Bulldog fan, want to watch the Red and Black beat the orange and blue so badly that they never want to come back to the banks of the St. John's River again. I'm talking about a rivalry-turning victory. A half a hundred in Athens kind of victory.

Don't get me wrong, I'd take a 2-0 win if we can get it. A win in Jacksonville is a win. But what my soul really calls out for is the thrashing so many talented Georgia teams under Mark Richt should have doled out but seemingly never could.

How does that come to pass? First, I think it requires Jake Fromm continuing to forget that he is a true freshman. I think it also requires the Georgia defense, which gave up some big plays to Missouri, playing with a chip on its shoulder in response. Finally, I think it requires a commitment by Jim Chaney to run the ball on a Gator defensive front that is talented, but not as deep as it often has been. In other words, the 'Dawgs need to do exactly what they've done over the last seven games. There's no substitute for physically dominating the opponent.


Get. After. Those. Alligators.

Go 'Dawgs!!!