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The Friday Tailgate: Franks discussion with Nauta Gator in sight.

NCAA Football: Georgia vs Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Maestro, the music for rolling down to Duval County hoping Georgia covers that big spread in Jax:

Georgia/Florida is statistically verified as the most unpredictable rivalry in college football and anecdotally the wildest party in the game. I don't think anyone here will dispute either point.

That said, there are some things one could pretty reasonably disagree over. Mostly because none of us has crystal ball (except DavetheDawg, and he only uses it to speculate on butter futures and other meteorological phenomena). And that netherworld of disagreement is the fertile ground from which springs our favorite Friday feature: Over or Under.

I ask you, 'Dawg fans, Over or Under?

Nick Chubb rushes for 99.9 yards

Sony Michel rushes for 99.9 yards

D'Andre Swift has 99.9 all-purpose yards

Any single Florida tailback has 99.9 rushing yards

Florida has 99.9 yards rushing as a team

Felipe Franks completes 63.9% of his passes

Jake Fromm completes 63.9% of his passes

Florida has 9.9 yards of punt return yardage

Georgia picks off Florida quarterbacks 1.9 times.

Isaac Nauta catches 2.9 passes

Florida surrenders 1.9 sacks

Georgia surrenders 1.9 sacks

Rodrigo Blankenship misses 0.9 field goals

As always feel free to use this thread as your communal rumpus room/open thread until further notice.

Go 'Dawgs!!!