Did you hear the one about...

Did you hear the one about the UGA defensive back who played in the same team as Mike Bobo?

After four successful years for the Dawgs. he stayed in college coaching, before long becoming the defensive coordinator at Valdosta State, then later joined Nick Saban to coach the defensive backs at LSU. When Saban made a brief foray into the NFL to coach the Miami Dolphins, he followed for a year; while the Saban connection was then lost, he soon became defensive coordinator in a university we don't talk about one state to the west of us.

From then on, his first head coaching job was a high-profile one in the SEC, and while his first season as Head Coach was - to put it politely - mixed, his second season got off to a 7-0 start. The polls loved his team and ranked them #3 going into the big game at EverBank Field.

I am, of course, talking about Kirby Smart...

...'s old buddy Will Muschamp.

The year is 2012, and this is the precise high point of his coaching career. Muschamp's 7-0 team would then on go on to lose the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, not even win the SEC East, and it would only go downhill for him as a coach from there. A couple of outright bad seasons later and he received the boot, later winding up at South Carolina.

I don't think Kirby Smart's career will go on to follow a similar trajectory, and I don't even think the Dawgs will need to play at nearly their full potential to win tomorrow. (Put me down for 31-13 to the good guys.) However, my inner Munson has seen example after example, even this season, of where a really classy team has had an off-day and lost to someone they had no business losing to. I'll only be truly relieved when the W is in the bag.

Go Dawgs!

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