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Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites Appreciates Beautiful Choreography

NCAA Football: Georgia vs Florida
He’s baaaaaaaack...

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is Hate Week. At Dawg Sports, around this time of the season, we are contractually obligated to provide a brief video of ex-Florida Gator Kerwin Bell spiking a football into his junk. The choreography of the entire sequence is truly breathtaking. Enjoy.

I think Lee Corso is the color guy. Undoubtedly, his finest hour...

UF’s Chauncey the Gardner...

  • Could weather be an issue on Saturday? Some of the better computer models are indicating that some sort of tropical entity down in the Caribbean could merge with a cold front late Saturday and the timing of this for Jacksonville suggests the rain chance increases, especially later in the afternoon/early evening. Right now, about 40%. The Dawgs are preparing just in case. RTDB.
  • Kirby Smart is always recruiting. And when he isn’t recruiting, he’s thinkin’ about recruiting. Playing this game every year in Gator Country (make no mistake folks, Jax is not neutral) is not advantageous, according to Coach.
  • A lot of dudes are getting healthy, and hopefully Jayson Stanley - who has been stellar on special teams coverage this season - will be ready to go.
  • Over at Gator Country, the feeling is Georgia’s secondary can be exploited. (Over at DavetheDawg’s house, the feeling is that a really good pass rush on Saturday would be just what the doctor ordered.)
  • Jason Butt over at The Macon Telegraph points out that Rodrigo Blankenship is getting close to setting a record.
  • Freakin’ Gators. Always clogging up things. Nasty animals, you know.
  • A look at Sony Michel and Nick Chubb from the perspective of the enemy. Run hard, fellas. I get the feeling they will.

That’s all for now. Enjoy your hump day, err’body.

As Always, GO DAWGS!