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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Wants to Know: How Deep is Your Hate?

And it’s me you need to show... how deep is your hate? (your hate, how deep is your hate)

Florida v Georgia Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

‘Cause we’re living in a world of fools.
Breaking us down.
When they all should let us be.
Especially considering the revelations of death threats against football coaches. This is just bad.

That doesn’t mean you can’t hate. As in positive, binding, uplifting hate against certain football programs that are rivals of your own school or just obnoxious on a national level (or both). But not the players. Not the coaches. Not people. Just the idea of the football program.

It is Hate Week after all, but now some folks are trying to go out there and ruin it for all of us. No matter, just fall back into that annual routine where you feel a thousand suns fueling another ten-hundred suns of hatred towards Florida Agricultural College. And there are a few football players from that institution who are making it even easier for us. There’s been some reaction from Georgia players, specifically offensive center Lamont Gaillard and safety Aaron Davis. Jeb Blazevich is pretty anxious to go out a winner in this series.

Monday was the first practice of game week, and some guys were practicing who were previously not practicing, and this can only be a good thing. There’s a bit more detail, and a few more names from this Athens Banner-Herald article.

If you want to know some specifics of practice, remember that Kirby Smart has it open to the media for about 10 minutes of the warm-ups, but here’s a brief report.

According to some, UGA is susceptible to a running quarterback. Some might point to the same data and say that UGA is actually effective against a mobile signal-caller, but to each his own. According to others, it’s the deep ball that is the best way to conquer the vaunted Junkyard Dawg defense. Draw your own conclusions.

Y’all are probably aware that this weekend’s Cocktail Party is being televised by the Columbia Broadcasting System at 3:30 pm. Get used to that - we’ll be sticking in that slot for the following week’s game versus the Spur Chickens.

While this game is coming to us slow as a summer’s breeze, these tidbits should keep you warm in your love for Kirby Smart and our Bulldogs before they softly leave for Jacksonville.

So whether you’re a brother or whether you’re a mother, let’s stay alive in this glorious season. And as always...