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Early Games Open Thread: Fightin’ Bye Weeks Edition

NCAA Football: Missouri at Georgia
This guy was a freshman the last time I wasn’t worried about the ‘Dawgs on a fall Saturday.
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

I hope you’ll join me in enjoying some college football on this day on which the Georgia Bulldogs will not lose. The early games don’t have a ton of sizzle (full schedule here), but that shouldn’t stop you from reveling in the spectacle of it.

How badly will Nick Saban choose to eviscerate what’s left of the Volunteers? Can Louisville make FSU’s no good crummy season no gooder and crummier? Until about 4:00 this day is all about schadenfreude. so get right down in there and wallow in it.

We’ll be back with additional threads through the afternoon and evening as necessary. Until later....

Go ‘Dawgs!!!