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The Friday Tailgate: Let’s Talk About The Neighbors.

NCAA Football: Missouri at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Maestro, the soundtrack if you will:

This is the Friday Tailgate, the place to hang out when you don’t know what to do with yourself because the Georgia Bulldogs aren’t playing football tomorrow. There are worse places to be, as we’ll discuss shortly.

It’s pretty good to be Kirby Smart right now. You're winning football games. You’re snagging big-time recruits. You're munching on tasty popcorn.

Life is your oyster.

Sadly such is not the case for some of Kirby’s coevals. Football fans around Knoxville are engaging in their annual fixation on Jon Gruden. Jim McElwain is trying to pull his team out of a two game conference losing streak. Matt Luke will be the head coach at Ole Miss only until a better option becomes available, and Kevin Sumlin is perpetually one week away from the hot seat in College Station. Gus Malzahn has to live in Auburn, and God knows no one deserves that.

All told, Athens may not only be home to one of the most successful teams in the SEC right now, but not coincidentally also one if the most stable.

How do we respond to uncertainty in these parts? We make a game of it. Let’s play.... RIVALS OVER/UNDER. I ask you, over or under?

Alabama scores 59.9 points against Tennessee.

Butch Jones is the head coach at Tennessee for 20.9 days folloeing Saturday’s game.

LSU beats Ole Miss by 0.9 points.

Idaho scores 29.9 points against Missouri.

Kentucky wins 5.9 SEC games in 2017.

Auburn beats Arkansas by 13.9 points.

Mike Bobo is coaching an SEC football team within 99.9 days.

Get those answers in the comments, and feel free to discuss whatever else pops up under the virtual pop up tent.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!