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Season 2 Volume 8: Work Week

NCAA Football: Missouri at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


The bye week is a work week for the Dawgs but a bit of a lighter week from me.

7-0 has me elated and terrified at the same damn time. A great offensive showing was a hell of a way to enter the bye week. Georgia has now scored over 40 in 4 of 5 games after not scoring 40 one time last year. Gotta credit Jim Cheney for adjustments to the offense in his second year. This is the most confident I’ve ever felt a week out from Jacksonville. And that scares the hell out of me. Before Ga/FL last year, I gave Georgia zero shot. Just didn’t have enough going for us on offense to compete with a defense that good. That is exactly how I feel about Florida’s offense this year and why I am so confident. I don’t believe Florida can consistently move the ball or come up with enough big plays to pace our offense. But that is exactly how I felt in 2014, when Florida ran the ball straight down our throats for 418 yards. Treon Harris only needed to pass for 27 yards to beat the #11 team in the country. 2014 was the last year I worked for Georgia and I can tell you that game totally deflated the outlook for the rest of the season. Coach Pruitt was a great defensive mind and excellent at stopping spread/zone read offenses (ie: Clemson and Auburn). His defensive style and system struggled against power run (ie: Florida and Georgia Tech). Bottom line, anything can happen at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party and it usually does.

Chink in the armor?

If you would have asked me what I thought Georgia’s biggest weakness was at the beginning of the season I would have easily told you the offensive line. But thus far, the offensive line has shown tremendous growth. Georgia’s biggest weakness is now defending the vertical passing game. We haven’t been tested much, but Missouri’s offense hit Georgia with a few haymakers. Fortunately, Mizzou has nowhere near enough talent to hold off the Dawgs for 4 quarters. But their big plays may have exposed a weakness for teams to take advantage off later in the year. I said this last week, Mizzou’s offense was not a great matchup for Georgia. The dawgs are elite at running sideline to sideline and defending the run game. I think they struggle a bit with short passing game and deep shots. Mizzou took full advantage in the first half and picked on both Malkom Parrish and Tyrique McGhee. Let me say this, I love both of these players. Small guys but very active and tough as hell. But their lack of length can be a liability in coverage. Both were in a decent position to make a play on deep balls but could not due to lack of length. This is why you saw Kirby go out and recruit Ameer Speed, Latavious Brini, Deangelo Gibbs and Eric Stokes last year. All are at least 6’1” and can run. Do not be fooled, the teams left on our schedule will watch the tape and continue to test us deep. I also love JR Reed’s run defense and physical style of play. But he struggled in zone coverage against a vertical Mizzou passing game. He has very limited game experience so I am sure this can be easily corrected with some focused coaching. His aggressiveness and physicality is exactly what we need in the run game but I have a feeling he will see some tests in the passing game over the next few weeks. Dominick Sander is a great player and a gamebreaker. But his aggressiveness in creating big plays can really hurt him in some big spots. Given the choice, I’ll take his ball hawking nature. But you have to realize that his style of play will cost you on 1-2 plays per game. The MVP of the secondary in the passing game this year has undoubtedly been D’andre Baker. He is playing with confidence and the rip motion that he ends every pass play with is instinct you can’t teach.

Quick Offensive Notes

I really like a few things Chaney is doing in our offense this year to free up our best offensive athletes

· RB motion into the formation

Chaney is motioning bigger bodies back into the formation to seal the edge for perimeter runs. D’andre Swift was able to break his huge run as Brian Herrien motioned in and sealed an OLB/Nickel

· WR “Zig” motion

Motioning 1 wide WR to the wide side of the field down to condense the defense. Terry Godwin motioned in towards the formation on Sony Michel’s long run. The corner responsible for him followed and Sony was left with only one man to beat (which he did with blazing speed)

· 21 Personnel Reverse to Mecole

Reverse TD to Mecole was perfect design. 21 Personnel play action to the field severely limits defenders to the boundary. The FB misdirection provides an extra blocker and Mecole’s speed was more than enough to beat a lone defender

Some really creative stuff to keep the defense on their heels and the end result is almost 700 yards.


The job Kirby has done in year 2 thus far is impressive. What he and the staff are doing on the recruiting trail may be even more impressive. Not only did Georgia lock up its third straight 5 star QB and #1 overall player in Justin Fields, but they also just beat Bama head to head for the nation’s #1 OLB in Adam Anderson. Anderson’s length and motor aligns easily to Leonard Floyd comparisons. Just watched Justin Fields televised game against Dalton. I am more and more impressed with him in each game I see him. His vertical passing game needs some refinement, but if anything, he leads his WR’s too much. Better to have the arm and need to develop some touch rather than the other way around. That big arm translates very well to the college game as much more athletic receivers will just go get it. The more I see Fields, the more I am convinced that he will definitely be used in a “freshman Tim Tebow” capacity. His run style is more athletic than Tebow but just as punishing. I can only imagine the offensive wrinkles that our offense will be capable of with Fields in the backfield. Georgia continues to reload at RB and it’s recruiting strategy at the position is truly amazing. It’s clear that the coaches are pitching a RB by committee mentality that will limit carries and save the mileage on these backs for the NFL. The #1 RB in the country is already committed in Zamir White and Dalvin Cook’s little brother James is likely to follow (#3 back in the country). I think White could be an absolute game changer and incredibly skilled young player to step into Nick Chubb’s workhorse back spot. Swift, Herrien and Cook as change of pace backs is unfair. What Kirby has done, especially in state, in two years is even more encouraging than then product we have seen on the field this year.

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Overall Record: 45-37-1

Last week: 4-1

YEET! Last week felt great. Looking for another 4-1 week to add some stacks to the Bucky fund