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Mark Fox says he hasn’t been contacted by the FBI

Fox has always had the reputation of running a clean program.

NCAA Basketball: SEC Basketball Tipoff Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The FBI’s investigation into corruption in college basketball has placed a cloud over the entire sport. We have already seen the ouster of one big name coach in Rick Pitino and several more could follow before everything is said and done. Both Auburn and Alabama have been implicated in the investigation.

The investigation was a hot topic at SEC Media Day earlier this week and Mark Fox discussed the situation and his program with the Macon Telegraph’s Jason Butt. Fox says that he has not been contacted by the FBI and that to his knowledge neither has the university.

“I’ve had no contact with the FBI and I do not believe the university has been contacted. If they have been I think I probably would have heard about it. My reaction was that I think it’s shocking to people because if you don’t live in this world, you don’t have any sense that there might be some shady things going on. If we want to be honest about it, there are a lot of coaches who may be some things that have been occurring. Some of that has been exposed. Whether they prove to be true remains to be seen. But it’s a dark cloud for the game. Hopefully we can use it to make it better.

Fox doesn’t suggest that coaches need to police each other but instead puts the onus on the member institutions to make sure that everything is in order in their own departments.

During Fox’s tenure at Georgia he has been described as running a clean program. The Bulldogs are seldom on equal footing when it comes to recruiting although they have seemed to make a better showing of late. From that standpoint it isn’t terribly surprising that they haven’t been contacted by the FBI or are a part of the investigation.