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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites Realizes Time is Fleeting, As Madness Takes It’s Toll

Missouri v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Welcome to Tuesday, Bulldog Fans. It’s kinda like Monday in that you’re still amazed by the offensive output Saturday night, but it’s not quite close enough to... wait, there’s a full freakin’ 12 days until we play again? Okay, forget my usual intro, this is just gonna be torture. Anyways, there’s a lot of time until we see our Bulldogs play football again, so maybe this is just the bump you need to keep you going.

We beat Missouri. You saw it, I saw it, we all saw it. Some of you in person. Of those in attendance were a few choice recruits. There’s a nice breakdown from Matt DeBary of the Athens Banner-Herald. Justin Fields was there, as well as some Sam Pittman targets.

You wanna know what else they saw? The SEC Football Freshman Of The Week, that’s what.

In the aforementioned fortnight less a couple of sunrises, the Glorious Georgia Bulldogs in their finest Red & Black will face the mutated swamp things from Alachua County, Florida in whatever the hell they decide to wear with all choices getting the same State Farm response of “they sound hideous”. Though I can’t imagine Florida fans will tune in, apparently CBS thinks plenty of other people will and they have decided to broadcast the game with television cameras. (Psst... they played it coy with the URL. I see you CBS Sports, I see you.)

Have you ever read The New York Daily News? Nor should you, at least on a regular basis. Then again you never know when you’re going to find a nugget. And in an imagined departure from the norm, the News actually thinks we’re underrated.

Someone who isn’t underrating the ‘Dawgs is Barrett Sallee. I was stuck driving on I-20 on a rainy Sunday night and endured his satellite radio show, and he is definitely proud that he called this early. To sum up where we are, check out Jason Butt. Heh heh.

It’s great when you can beat your opponent. But what if your opponent in the semi-finals, and the finals, is a fellow Bulldog? I’m no math major, but I can tell the Bulldogs won’t lose (not all of them). The Georgia Bulldog Men’s Tennis team pulled that feat over the last few days at the 2017 ITA Regional Championships in Atlanta. ‘Dawgs win. And ‘Dawgs still in the doubles draw competing today.

So while there may be very little substance, it should be enough to make you jump to the left, then step to the right. And as always...