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First Half Open Thread: Fear and Loathing in Athvegas.

NCAA Football: Samford at Georgia Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia is a 30 point favorite in an SEC kickoff and try as I might I still can’t buy it. I know, Mizzou has found a nice variety if ways to gack up football games this season. But I can’t shake the feeing that at some point they’re going to jump up and bite somebody. I just hope it ain’t us.

If Georgia plays its best football, this one’s a breeze. If Mizzou doesn’t play its best, this one’s a solid win for the home team. But if the ‘Dawgs aren’t focused and giving the right effort, and the Tigers are, well, just ask Dabo and Dino Babers.

Let’s go ahead and put this one away before the Columbians have the audacity to hope, okay?

It’s Saturday in Athens!!!!