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The Friday Tailgate is open!

NCAA Football: Georgia at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Maestro, the music:

It’s the Friday Tailgate, in which we congregate convivially until such time as toe meets leather ‘tween the hedges. Please feel free to use this as your open comment thread for this evening’s hot Friday night ACC-tion between Clemson and Syracuse, as well as to discuss other stuff.

As a starting point, this is obviously the space in which I would often include a spirited game of Over/Under, the official party game of Dawg Sports Ventures, Ltd.

But this week I’m changing it up. Please post in the comments your 1) UGA/Mizzou prediction guaranteed to come true, and 2) your prediction that no one sees coming, but will also happen.

For example, my #1 is that this is the game in whcih Jake Fromm breaks the elusive 200 yard passing barrier. My #2 is that Missouri will outscore Georgia’s prior SEC opponents combined.

See, easy peasy. Go ‘Dawgs!!!