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Season 2 Volume 7: Gaining Momentum

NCAA Football: Georgia at Vanderbilt Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports


4th down. 45-7 Dawgs with nine minutes left in the 4th quarter. The second string defense litters the field. Vanderbilt stadium is now 70% Dawg fans and the noise resembles a fall night between the hedges. The red and black that fills the tiny bowl of a stadium stomp metal bleachers and scream in unison. Another opportunity to assert dominance, to compensate for four yards failed to gain 5 years ago. What team is this and whose fans are these? This is the new look Georgia bulldogs and their overconfident fans. A team that physically moves the ball, stifles opposing offenses and doesn’t consider your feelings. The fan base is a hungry, desperate and traveling bunch that hangs on every play. We give up a TD on that 4th down play and I am upset as hell. I take a second, reflect on the situation we are in and laugh to myself. This is a much better pissed off feeling than I had just a year ago when a 150lb WR was stuffed short of a 4th down conversion. But this team has a different mentality, I have different expectations. It felt good to assert our dominance for the third game in a row and with the score out of question, focus on winning the game within the game. It was fun to show no mercy for a change. But another week brings better opponents. Humility is a week away.

How Good Are We?

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself. 6-0 and the best start since 2005. But are we any good? Munson’s negativity still reigns in my heart but my soul so badly wants to embrace the optimism of a Disney Dawg. Let’s try to take a realistic look at our body of work. Notre Dame is clearly your best win. The best part? We played a terrible game and still beat them. The physical matchup favored the Dawgs all game but 127 yards in penalties and 2 turnovers have me feeling like it was far from our best game. They’ve gone on to have a great, high scoring season to this point. You are showing complete dominance against every other opponent, including three SEC opponents. Sure, Tennessee is a dumpster fire but a shutout shows some serious grit and a desire to make your opponent tap. Long story short, still not sure how good we are compared to the upper echelon of college football but I’m hoping we have the opportunity to find out.

Walking On Air (Disney Dawg)

Perspective from the side of me that says we are worthy of the hype

· Offensive Line

We are moving people. Great combo blocks and efficiently moving up to the second level, Strength and new found size is winning 1 on 1 matchups. We look stronger than everyone we have played. I am super comfortable with the entire starting five. Will be interesting to see how they perform against an elite DL

· Conservative Fromm Play

Fromm is doing just enough to have some success in the passing game and the strong run game is opening up some vertical shots. He’s exactly what we need at QB. With a defense as elite as ours, we don’t need a ton of big plays. We need consistent scoring and ball protection. Fromm gives you a much better shot at that than Eason

· DL Depth

Our best defensive lineman has been out and we have not skipped a beat. Trent is free to get healthy until the Florida game and in the meantime we continue to dominate the trenches and build depth

Reality Check (Munson Dawg)

Perspective from the side of me that says we still suck

· Malkom Parrish

Yo dude, buck up. I get that you were injured for the first few games but it’s time to get back to locking down your side and playing like a #1 CB. You’re a midget so if you can’t play man coverage then we have some lengthy freshman that’ll take your spot. This isn’t the circus, we aren’t required to have a midget. So make a 1 on 1 play please. I’m sorry I am being so hard on you but that is what the dominance of this defense has done to me.

· Eason

Not sure I’ve ever seen someone determine their fate in one play. I felt terrible for him but at the same time, he made the decision moving forward easy. It’s a corner blitz, you’ve gotta read it and get rid of it. D’andre Swift immediately came open on a swing route. You’ve gotta know your personnel. Drop it to one of our most dangerous open field options and let him work 1 on 1. Instead, Eason gets greedy looking for a bigger play, holds the ball, takes a sack and fumbles. About as bad as it could get and I felt for his situation.

· Fromm Sliding

If I am gonna be forced to watch a promo on Jake Fromm’s illustrious little league baseball career in the middle of every telecast then I don’t think it’s too much to ask that his ass slide at the end of a QB rush. Every time I see him take off, I cringe at the thought of a lifeless Brice Ramsey leading this Georgia offense straight into the ground. The absolute worst thing that happened in Saturday’s game is that Fromm took off, lowered his shoulder and ran a Vanderbilt defender over. He’s got some running confidence now! Justin Fields can take care of that next year, you can slide my friend.

Mizzou Preview

Not gonna lie, Mizzou’s short passing game and vertical deep threats scare me. Georgia could get lulled to sleep with quick, short routes before the Tigers go over the top with vertical shots. But they can’t do that consistently enough to make it a game. Mizzou isn’t physical enough to make Georgia abandon the run. Fromm isn’t forced to do anything he isn’t comfortable with. The two’s get some important reps late. Dawgs 41 Mizzou 13

Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Last week: 1-4

Overall: 41-36-1

Turrible. Just Turrible. Inching closer to .500 overall and pretty pissed about it. When your faith is low, double down