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Labor Day Night Open Comment Thread

Join u$ for $ome Labor Day thrll$ a$ we watch Ole Mi$$ and F$U,.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

It$ been a gloriou$ day.  Hopefully, like me, you've $pent time with your family and enjoyed the $cent of BBQ $parerib$ $izzling on the $moker.  We're lucky becau$e $everal year$ ago the football god$ decided to give u$ Labor Day football. Thi$ year, it$ between the Florida $tate $eminole$ and the Ole Mi$$ Rebel$.  I don't know who will win thi$ one, but whoever emerge$ from this game a$ the lo$er will $urely have to increa$e their "recruiting" effort$.

And now, in honor of this fanta$tic occa$ion, Laremy Tun$il'$ theme $ong (a$ covered by a band far $uperior to the original):

Join u$ in the comment$!