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You’re on notice, ‘'Dawg!

Think a convincing victory over a top 25 opponent means no one is on notice this week? Think again.

This is On Notice, the post in which I remind you that no matter how epic the win, there's always someone among us who needs to watch his or her step. Usually several someones. And occasionally a fruit or two. I guess what I'm saying is we don't pull punches on the On Notice board. This week, in no particular order, those on notice include:

The Bulldog special teams. Did I say no particular order? I lied. The special teams are more on notice than anyone else on this list. A kick return for a touchdown that could have signaled disaster, some directional kicking rather than just booting it out of the dang end zone, and of course, the missed kick that made me remember writing this only last Sunday.

If the ‘Dawgs need to nail a 45 harder to win in the Dome on Saturday, well, I suspect things could get dicey.

So yeah. Let's hope Kevin Butler has some pro tips for Willie Ham and that the kickoff unit works a little bit on lane discipline this week.

Knee ligaments. Nick Chubb may be fully over his offseason knee surgery, but I'm not. I was terrified that he crossed the 20 carry threshold before the half and remained terrified when his 30th carry went up on the board late. Maybe Chubb really is Superman. But that’s a lot of mileage on a rebuilt axle. I'd feel a little better if Sony Michel and Elijah Holyfield would come on back and join that tailback rotation to turn 32 carries per game into 22.

Paul Rudd. I've never seen Paul Rudd in a movie and thought ‘"Man, he's the perfect guy for that part.’ Totally unnecessary. Vestigial, even. The appendix of comedic actors.

Overconfidence. Yes, it was a nice win. But a lot went right for the Bulldogs to emerge victorious on Saturday. Think of many deep balls were tipped away. Imagine how things turn out if Georgia coughs up three turnovers instead of just one.

There were a lot of promising signs on Saturday. But this Bulldog team, like a lot of other teams, is a protagonist whose story could end a lot of different ways.

The SEC in general. Tennessee’s near miss against Appalachian State. Florida’s early struggles with UMass. Auburn’s stubborn but ultimately futile struggle with Clemson. Whatever the hell happened to Mississippi St. on the way to losing to South Alabama. It was not a great weekend for SEC schools other than Alabama and Georgia. While I'm not a huge conference loyalist, I would hate for any SEC team to be left out of the playoff because a plurality of them didn't take care of business this season. Tighten up, Mullen.

The Bulldog receiving corp. Only three UGA wide receivers even tallied a reception. The ball will eventually have to be spread around more than that. It might help to get the QB situation sorted out. Just a thought.

Greg McGarity. That's one. But there's still plenty of time for people to ask whether hiring Smart was the right move. Which they will. We’re Georgia fans. This sort of skepticism is kind of our niche. Until later,

Go ‘Dawgs!!!