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The Friday Tailgate remains bloody, but unbowed.

NCAA Football: Florida at Tennessee
Heerrreee’s Butchy!!!!
Randy Sartin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s once again Friday, and we both know that you're currently sitting, staring at the clock and counting the hours until quitting time and the start of your college football weekend. You shouldn't have to do that alone. That's why we have the Friday Tailgate, the virtual liars’ lounge within which we loll about before toe meets leather. Maestro, the music:

You will recall that last week I previewed an ongoing competition in the space built around our over/under game. I’m pleased to have pulled out the old abacus to tally up the results to date. I did exercise the power of fiat in order to change the scoring system slightly. I had intended to confer points based upon order of finish each week.

This was unceremoniously blown up as an idea when we had a four-way tie following the Nicholls State game at the top and a separate three-way tie for Ole Miss week. Like the Bulldog receiving corps, you guys just can't get any separation.

So, I have determined to award a point for each correct answer, every week. This should reward players to consistently make pics and also provide a little more separation in the standings. With no further ado, here’s how things look so far:

1st (tie) CaptJackSparrow and Dirty Bird Dawg-12 points

3rd haagen dawgs- 11 points

4th The984- 10 points

5th getzendawg- 9 points.

No one who's submitted a ballot is more than 4 points out of 5th at this point. So, to use a Mark Richtism, all your goals are in front of you if you want to jump in now.

So, over or under?

  1. Joshua Dobbs runs for 34.9 yards.

2) Jacob Eason averages 11.9 yards per completion.

3) Nick Chubb gets 4.9 carries.

4) The Tennessee defense tallies 3.9 sacks.

5) Brian Herrien scores 0.9 touchdowns.

6) Rodrigo Blankenship kicks 1.9 touch backs.

7) Charlie Woerner catches 1.9 passes.

8) Jeb Blazevich catches 1.9 passes.

9) Sony Michel catches 1.9 passes.

10) The UGA defense surrenders 199.9 rushing yards.

11) The UGA defense creates 2.9 turnovers.

Until later...

Go ‘'Dawgs!!!