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Second Half Open Comment Thread

Georgia v North Carolina Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Georgia leads North Carolina 14-10 headed into the second half, and we’ve seen some things we expected.

  • Jacob Eason was inserted in the first half of a tied football game. That should give you a good idea of the faith the staff actually does have in the freshman.
  • Nick Chubb carried the ball, and a few Carolina defenders. In fact, I wonder if when Chubb tells people how much he squats he should start expressing the number in metric Tar Heels.
  • We saw the Georgia defense rush Mitch Trubisky with the type of speed up the middle and off the edge we knew they had.
  • We also saw some young defenders commit some dumb penalties, which is kind of sadly expected as well.
  • Brendan Douglas fumbled.

Then there were the unexpected items.

  • No one expects the Brian Herrien inquisition.
  • North Carolina’s high octane offense was held to under 160 yards in the first half. Given that they averaged over 600 per game in 2015, that’s a pretty big deal. I think a lot of it was solid coverage by the veteran Bulldog secondary, and some was also the speed rush up front.
  • While we all expected Nick Chubb, I’m not sure anyone expected him to carry the ball 22 times in the first dang half. I can’t lie, that makes me slightly uncomfortable in his first game back after a complex knee surgery, even if he actually is Superman.

The Tar Heels will get the ball to start the third quarter with a little momentum. But at this point it’s safe to say that this Bulldog team is squarely in this one, and the halftime adjustments by this new staff may determine the final result. I don’t know yet what to tell you to expect regarding that. We’re gonna all find out together.

Go ‘Dawgs!!!