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Wednesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites: Who is going to RTDB?

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Georgia v Missouri
So you came to see the gun show?
Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Before we get to the paramount event contested Saturday afternoon, I’d like to bring you some evidence that Bubba Watson is changing his reputation. Formerly known in the golf world as “least likely to be defended in a parking lot fight” aka most hated man on tour, Bubba has a sense of patriotism and national pride that is shifting the narrative to that of a Damn Good Dawg. Your honors, I submit the following:

After being passed over for a captain’s pick for the upcoming Ryder Cup (US vs. Europe in team golf format), even though he had the highest world ranking of any player not already qualified, Bubba tweeted this to his successor:

To add to his show of good sportsmanship, he publicly stated that if he wasn’t picked he still wanted to be part of the team, in some shape or fashion. He was rewarded thusly:

Good for you, Bubba. And GO USA!!! Follow Bubba on Twitter... I swear it’s worth it.

Now for the FOOTBAWWWW!!!!

Head Coach Kirby Smart held a post-practice press conference Tuesday afternoon, and spoke on a little bit of everything. Focus groups and online polls show Kirby wasn’t as prickly compared to past pressers, but all results were within the statistical margin of error.

We don’t have an official status on Nick Chubb for Saturday’s game against Tennessee, but there are hints that he will suit up. As for the state of the running game in general, Brandon Kublanow isn’t happy and supposedly knows what needs work. Pittman and Chaney are focused on the downgraded rushing attack, but are continuing to utilize the fullback position and look for favorable matchups.

If we can’t run on 1st and 2nd down, and then drop a 3rd down pass, there is hope our backup punter will be active this week. Ramsey didn’t travel to Oxford due to a thumb injury, but seems to be improving. Marshall Long did not comment when questioned on which punter has the better QB acumen.

During “Kirby’s Open House” aka 12 minutes of open access at Tuesday’s practice, the secondary was showing some different personnel sets. Mauger was taking 2nd team snaps, and Briscoe was not taking snaps at all. Malcom Parrish and Deandre Baker were at corner with the 1st team, and Mecole Hardman paired with Tyrique McGhee at corner with the 2nd team. Tucker apparently is still mixing ingredients in his defensive cauldron. Toil and trouble indeed.

You like the NFL? No? Me neither. But I do like to follow Georgia Bulldogs as they extend their football careers into the professional ranks, so here’s how they fared this past week.

And as always,