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Tuesday Morning ‘Dawg Bites

Georgia Southern v Georgia
What a Beauty!
Photo by Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

I’m gonna start off with something different. By now, you are aware of the tragic death of Florida Marlins ace pitcher Jose Fernandez. It’s big news across the national sport landscape, but his death has really hit hard down here in south Florida. I watched this happen live yesterday. This is why we love sports so...

Excuse the digression. On to Dawgly things...

Nick Chubb is “iffy” vs. Tennessee on Saturday. In a perfect world, where our offensive line effectively blocks for a healthy #27, he runs wild against the team where his entire injury saga started one year ago. I have a feeling that if NIck can go, he will.

It’ll be a prime-time kickoff on October 6 when the Dawgs make the short trip to Columbia to play the Gamecocks. I can’t even think that far ahead now.

Kirby Smart and Les Miles have built up some history over the years. Kirby is sad to see Les leave LSU. My thoughts? Not having Les around in the Conference is akin to not having Christopher Walken in the famous SNL “Need More Cowbell” sketch. Good luck, you crazy coach.

Tennessee has been resilient on two fronts: Overcoming injuries and early deficits...

...They’ve also been lucky as hell. Do you realize they’ve fumbled the ball 547 times and only lost 3? Regression to the mean, please show yourself on Saturday.

Scott Woerner Woerner Woerner Woerner Woerner! A very cool story from one of the greatest ever to wear the Red and Black.

Have a good Tuesday, err’body. As always, GO DAWGS!