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Sunday Superlatives: We swear there were good things.

NCAA Football: Georgia at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

Even when the Georgia Bulldogs lose (and lose badly) you can still count on Dawg Sports to look for the best of yesterday's game. We then bring it to you in the Sunday Superlatives. This edition is, in many ways, about looking to the future.

Offensive MVP: Freshman tailback Brian Herrien. Sure his two touchdown runs came in garbage time against Ole Miss’s reserves. But Herrien ran with excellent vision and power, demonstrating that the Bulldog rushing game may in fact be in decent shape once Chubb and Michel move on.

Defensive MVP: Georgia didn't play a lot of defense in this one. That being said, I'm going with D’Andre Walker. The sophomore linebacker had 4 tackles, including 1.5 for loss. The former Mays standout also continues to establish himself as one of the most savage hitters on the team:

Play of the day: Georgia executed a flawless fake punt in the first quarter which I believe was the first successful fake punt by the Classic City Canines since the 2012 SEC Championship Game. It was worth a nice shot of momentum, but there were no points off the effort, obviously.

Low blow: Eason’s pick 6 in the first quarter. For one, the moment before that play was arguably the last moment it felt like Georgia had a solid chance in this one. Also, it was a really bad, true freshman interception. Eason zeroed in on the receiver and threw to a player bracketed by a corner and safety, perhaps the least open receiver in the progression .

Fun fact: The loss snapped a ten game win streak over the Rebels going back to 1996, when Jim Donnan’s first UGA team lost to Ole Miss at home.