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The Friday Tailgate: Bag Men & Bong Masks Edition.

NCAA Football: North Carolina vs Georgia Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

This is the Friday Tailgate, your virtual gathering spot for the 20 hours that separate you from kickoff between Georgia and Ole Miss in Oxford. Here we talk college football, music, bonsai, and whatever else we can to make the last few agonizing hours pass a little more quickly. Maestro, the music:

I’m already on record saying this game worries me silly. I have spent the past six nights waking in terror at the prospect of Chad Kelly and the Rebel offense trying out the RPO portion of their playbook in Juwaun Briscoe’s general direction. I’ve checked and rechecked the film on the Ole Miss defensive line. Yup, still large, fast, and angry. I’ve tried to come up with a matchup that I think favors the Bulldogs, and I'm frankly having a lot of trouble.

The best I've got is that if the Bulldog defense can create some turnovers which the Bulldog offense actually turns into points, that might even the odds. It would also help if Jim Chaney just comes out of the box and puts the ball in Jacob Eason’s hands. Not to win the game, but to let Dave Wommack and his Rebel defense know they're not going to just keep throwing Nick Chubb into eight man brick walls.

That may, just may loosen up the run game. This would allow Geogia to possess the ball a little longer and keep the defense from getting into a track meet with the Ole Miss offense. That's a battle we’re not equipped to win.

What I’m saying here is that a lot of things need to happen for Georgia to win this game. None of us knows what will happen, but that shouldn't stop us from trying to predict it. With that in mind I ask you, over or under:

  1. Greyson Lambert takes 3.9 snaps at QB.

2. Nick Chubb carries the ball 19.9 times.

3. Sony Michel gets 9.9 touches (rushing and receiving combined).

4. Isaiah McKenzie gets 9.9 combined touches.

5. The Bulldog defense creates 2.9 turnovers.

6. Georgia amasses 5.9 points off turnovers.

7. Chad Kelly throws for 349.9 yards.

8. Kelly runs for 49.9 net yards.

9. Bulldog tight ends catch 4.9 passes in total.

10. Georgia holds the Ole Miss offense to 399.9 total yards.

11. Rodrigo Blankenship connects on 0.9 field goals.

12. Georgia commits penalties which in aggregate yield 59.9 yards to the Rebels.

Tiebreaker: Final score prediction.

As you may recall when we did this before I mentioned recognizing the winner the next week. Well, the turnout was so good that I decided to make a season of it. I’ll be keeping track of the predictions as the season rolls along on the way to the inaugural Dawg Sports Tailgate Title, which will be awarded according to our proprietary modified Stableford scoring system*. Good luck, and...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!

*I modified it because I've never understood Stableford scoring, which may in fact just be a communist plot. If you get the most right answers in a given week you’ll score a 5, second most a 4, third most a 3.......through the top five pickers. Most points at the end of the year wins.