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Time To Roast The Seventh Goat

Details for Saturday's Party

Sure is fun watching iMac play football!
Sure is fun watching iMac play football!
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

As of this writing, I'm almost completely packed and ready to head south for a few days.  Hopefully by the time you read this I will be already en route back to Georgia.  The cake is on order & the Blind Pig is on notice to expect us.  Probably should've listed them in the On Notice portion of the blog this week no?

In any event, here's the plan:

We will be at the newest Blind Pig location on Washington Ave.  Shortly after last year's event, they closed down the Baldwin location, but not in any way because of us I swear!

Kick off is at Noon, I recommend arriving around 11:30am to have a little pre-game visiting time.  Just tell them you're with Dawg Sports and they'll direct you to us.  We'll be the loud bunch in red with the Goat Shaped Cake and maybe brownies.  My Silver Challenger with the Red Stripes & funny looking Oklahoma license plate is the first clue you're in the right place.

At half time, our Commander In Chief, MaconDawg will slaughter the Sacrificial Goat (cake) and we will all enjoy it's red velvet & cream cheese icing deliciousness.  There will be more than plenty to go around.  There will not be any slaughtering of an actual live goat as it is prohibited by Health Department Regulations.

The Blind Pig staff will be on hand to take drink & food orders before, during & after the game.  I've never been disappointed in any of the above.

Hopefully the team will give us plenty of reasons to celebrate.  When time expires, if we are victorious, Just Some Dawg has promised to do a Victory Dance.  We'll probably hang out & visit for a while post-game.

Bring your friends & family and we'll see you there!