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Season 1 Volume 4 | Ole Miss vs UGA Game Preview

Georgia v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

I. Intro

Speeding down 316, knowing full well there is not enough time left in the fourth quarter to see anything. 1st down, a failed vert route to 16. It’s so odd to hear the game on the radio. To imagine people using this as their primary way to “watch the game”. 9 miles till empty. Is there no open gas station between Athens and Atlanta at 11pm on a Saturday night? My mind paces in order to avoid the disappointment of defeat.

2nd down, another failed vert to Mckenzie. 3rd down, batted away. So that’s it. We start this SEC campaign with a frustrating loss to Mizzou and make our tough slate even tougher in year one of Kirby Ball. How does this team always so easily avoid perseverance?

4th down. I’ve already prepared myself for defeat with a variety of expletives and overwhelming disgust. Scott Howard screams, I scream. My Fiance screams and swerves.

I quickly shed my disappointment and shame and bang on the dashboard. We stole one. We absolutely stole one. It is incredibly stressful to be undefeated. Every unattainable goal still lies ahead and with them, every unrealistic expectation. I’d like to say I would gladly take a loss to reset my expectations. But winning feels too damn good.

We kiss, as we do after every TD since our Sophomore year (No kisses after FGs, not that we have to worry about that this season). As we pull away, she says “It’s too much sometimes, Brooks. You can’t get so stressed out. I worry about your health when we play like that.”

I totally agree, sweetheart and I am sorry. But I doubt anything is likely to change.

Another blood pressure friendly Dawg win. All in a normal Saturday night.

II. Scheme/Recap

Mizzou deserved to lose that game. 5 turnovers is one thing. But man to man with no safety over the top against Isaiah Mckenzie on 4th and 10? Asking to get burnt after 3 steps. And that’s exactly what happened. How can you blame the DB? Mckenzie burnt every man in that Mizzou secondary, sometimes two at a time. I understand you want to heat up a freshman QB in his first SEC road game with the game on the line. But give your poor DB some help against the quickest man in college football. Mizzou showed Pressure from one ILB opposite Mckenzie’s side. This Linebacker dropped into coverage to help cover the inside with the DB covering Sony outside. Meanwhile, the LB to McKenzie’s side shows coverage and then pressures, leaving Mizzou’s best DB alone with Mckenzie. BAD BALL on a dude that torched you all night.

5 turnovers and no conversions into points? I’m not sure I have ever seen that. This team has got to develop a killer instinct. When you see blood, when a team is deflated, you have got to punch something in and step on their neck. As we get into the tougher part of the schedule, teams will only be more resilient. This is an issue that needs to be fixed now. Prepare yourself mentally to score when the defense can force a turnover. Turnovers and conversion off turnovers is the one thing that can allow an young team to compete with the elite of the SEC and the country.

III. Ole Miss Preview

UGA vs Ole Miss Red Cup Rebellion Podcast

I did a podcast last night with the guys at SB Nation’s Ole Miss site Red Cup Rebellion. I discussed at length everything I expect to see this weekend. Give it a listen and let me know what you think. I start around 8:30 in. Not as much Ball in this Volume but the podcast will have you covered with everything you need to know and a few personal notes as well. One thing I didn’t discuss that I want to quickly cover. We all know the biggest test of this game is likely to be the Ole Miss passing game vs the Georgia Secondary. I keep waiting for Aaron Davis to shift over to corner, provide an option with length and possibly bump Juwuan Briscoe. It will be interesting to see if Davis gets any reps at corner throughout the game.

IV. SEC Predictions

You’ll notice I left out a “rooting for” in the Tennessee vs Florida game. Obviously not an accident. I actually have my keyboard setup to block me from every typing Florida or Tennessee in that column. But we need a Tennessee win. We have no idea how good either of these teams are. We do know that Tennessee has an unbelievable stretch of Florida, @ Georgia, @ Texas A&M and Alabama. You have to think they drop 2 of those without a bye week even if they get a win against Florida. Florida on the other hand plays a more manageable LSU and Arkansas. This is certainly a cross divisional battle of the best throughout this entire SEC slate. The top 3 in the east play the top 6 in the West. Better start getting wins early and hoping for losses from others. Or else you will watch Mizzou limp into Atlanta once again.

V. Bucky’s Easy Money of the Week

Starting to be more reliable than government bonds. 3-1 last week. 8-4 overall. Get in while the getting’s good and double down Dawgs.

VI. Recruiting

Gotta Have Em:

1. Aubrey Solomon Lee County (Leesburg, GA) DT 6-3 305

Harbaugh probably choked someone in Michigan’s mailing office after a thank you letter went out to Solomon for an event he did not attend. This is huge for the Dawgs as there is not a plethora of elite talent in the southeast at the DL position in 2017. Solomon is the best of the best at DL and Georgia has to continue to build in the trenches to create the type of team Kirby wants to play with.

2. Tyler Taylor Lanier (Buford, GA) ILB 6-2 230

Tyler Taylor is a great player but the question remains on whether or not he is a take. The Dawgs are in the running for several high profile ILB/OLB Commits including Nate McBride, Markeviest Bryant, Walter Grant, Monty Rice, Leonard Warner and KJ Britt. Taylor has a solid frame and plays very physical. It’s not a question of Taylor’s talent but rather space in the Dawgs’ class.

Need to See More

1. Trey Sermon Sprayberry (Marietta, GA) RB 6-0.5 215

I actually really like Sermon’s game. A year ago at this time I was really hoping that Georgia would land Sermon. His junior tape really reminded me of TJ Yeldon. Tall slender back. Maybe it’s because he committed to Oklahoma or maybe it’s because he has had a quite Senior year, but it seems Georgia has backed totally off Sermon and is very happy with Toneil Carter and D’Andre Swift. I will be interested to see how Sermon develops in college and is used within the Oklahoma offense. Not as talented as Joe Mixon but a similar running style.

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Go Damn Dawgs