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Your Week 4 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by ESPN's College Gameday. We applaud the show for choosing to visit the Tennessee Volunteers in Knoxville this weekend just two weeks after showing up for UT's game against Virginia Tech. This means they should feel absolutely no obligation to follow them to Athens next weekend. Please ESPN, stay away!

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This week we have some really quality games and what project to be a few stinkers.  Four weeks in and we still have some major teams getting through their early schedule cupcakes.  May they have as much luck with theirs as we did with ours.  That said, in each and every time slot there is at least one truly compelling match-up. Do most of them occur in the SEC? Why, yes, they do.  I have absolutely no conference loyalty whatsoever. I want every team that isn't Georgia to lose every game, always.  So believe me when I tell you that the reason the SEC is getting so much attention is because on an average Week 4 of the season Arkansas is playing Texas A&M, Georgia is playing Ole Miss, and Tennessee is playing Florida  These are compelling games.  Maybe not as compelling as, say, Iowa vs. Rutgers... but still.  SEC Hype is a thing for a reason.

At any rate, it is with great pleasure that I present to you...

Your Week 4 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!


#5 Clemson Tigers @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, 7:30 pm, ESPN

Dabo's charges will run on to Historic Mark Richt Field for another edition of Thursday Night Lights at Tech.  I continue to be amazed that team's think playing on a Thursday is a cool thing to do.  Middle school teams play on Thursdays.  That said, I'm glad they continue deluding themselves because this should be a highly entertaining massacre.


USC Trojans @ #24 Utah Utes, 9:00 pm, Fox Sports 1

I'm intrigued by this game... Mostly because I haven't watched much Pac 12 football this year (since I choose not to acknowledge their piddly network), but also because, given the hype to start the year, I just can't believe USC still can't find a way to be better than they are.  I do want to congratulate them on playing three ranked teams in the first four weeks... although, come to think of it, that strategy doesn't seem to be working out so well.


#12 Georgia Bulldogs @ #23 Ole Miss Rebels, 12:00 pm, ESPN

This is a no-brainer.... unless you just can't bring yourself to watch because you're paralyzed by anxiety.  In that case, I don't blame you at all and you should go watch Syracuse and UCONN or something.


#19 Florida Gators @ #14 Tennessee Volunteers, 3:30 pm, CBS

Another easy choice and one which could go a long way toward influencing the outcome of the SEC East.  My preferred outcome, of course, would be for everyone involved to drown as Neyland Stadium fills with Gary Danielson's spit from the incessant drooling over whatever player he finds narrative-worthy this week.


#16 LSU Tigers @ Auburn Tigers, 6:00 pm, ESPN

Schadenfreude Central! No matter who wins this game, there are gonna be a bunch of pissed off Tiger fans looking for blood.


#17 Arkansas Razorbacks vs. #10 Texas A&M Aggies, 9:00 pm, ESPN

Much as someone has to win the SEC East, someone must come in second in the SEC West.  This game may give us a pretty good idea of who that might be.  Plus, Bert should be good and greased up by game time.


That's all for this week folks. Until next time...