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Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites

Because reading articles from across the interwebs can help ease the anxiety caused by Georgia’s impending date with Ole Miss.

Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

First and foremost, you should be preparing for The 7th Annual Dawg Sports Sacrificial Goat Roast at The Blind Pig Tavern in Downtown Athens. And part of that preparation is deciding which Dawg Bites you’ll be enjoying during the game. The Blind Pig has a bevy of delicious choices for you to choose from it’s menu. I recommend the Ninja Wings and The Jalapen-ya-bidness Burger. Your colon may hate me later, but you’ll really enjoy them at the time.

Now on to the news!

Devna Bose of The Daily Mississippian has an interesting chronicle of one Ole Miss student’s experience with the Rebels game against the Alabama Crimson Tide last weekend. All things considered, her brush with “fame” wasn’t so bad. Next time she needs to muster up some tears or develop a look that says “what’s the point of even living in this cruel, dark world?” That’s how you go viral.

Seth Emerson at the AJC wonders if Kirby isn’t getting his feathers ruffled a bit in his Q&A sessions with the media. Obviously, the line of questioning Emerson outlines had Kirby annoyed, but was anything he said untrue? For those misguided enough to keep a tally sheet on such things, Kirby Smart just implied (but didn’t say) that the opinions of those who “aren’t in the arena” aren’t valid. Sure, there’s a more diplomatic way to say that, but its not like they are seeing amazing play out of certain offensive linemen in practice and then randomly choosing not to use them come game time.

Chip Towers becomes the latest AJC writer to bemoan the lack of media availability of players under the Smart regime. At some point the media will figure out that Kirby Smart straight doesn’t care if his choices make the jobs of media members more difficult or make him seem surly. You can characterize them as silly, arbitrary, or unnecessary, but it doesn’t matter. In his mind, Kirby Smart has one job and one job only: to win football games at the University of Georgia. Being likeable and providing fodder from the coaching staff and players might endear the new head coach to the media (and there is potentially some benefit to that), but that clearly isn’t Smart’s focus. Now we just have to wait for the local sports media to realize that writing strongly-worded opinion pieces about the state of affairs in Athens isn’t going to change anything.

Emily Giambalvo of The Red & Black confirms that Jacob Eason will be the starter for the Georgia Bulldogs against the Ole Miss Rebels and for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that puts the question “who gives us the best chance to win?” to rest. Greyson Lambert doesn’t make that throw to Isaiah McKenzie in Columbia. Question answered. brings us the news that Georgia’s battle with the Tennessee Volunteers will be the 3:30 game on CBS. So you get to look forward to all kinds of Gary Danielson narrative regarding Josh Dobbs. Unfortunately, none of it will be about the exponential growth of his forehead.

And that’s the news for this morning (unless, of course, a player goes downtown after I go to sleep and decides to have the temerity to emerge from an alley on a scooter). Enjoy your Tuesday and...