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You’re on notice, ‘Dawg!

Georgia v Missouri Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

For the second week in a row, a close victory leaves plenty of folks in Bulldog Nation who should be on notice that they need to step it up. In no particular order, this includes:

  1. Kickers. It's not that Kirby Smart doesn't want to get better in the kicking game. But right now his options are a little limited. Your choices are William Ham or Rodrigo Blankenship. One has struggled with even short to intermediate field goals and the other has struggled to kick touchbacks. Maybe former Bulldog kicker/current graduate assistant Kevin Butler will be able to work magic with them before the season’s over, especially in the mental part of the game. But for now, Georgia’s in the somewhat unusual position of being dicey in the kicking game. That decreases your available margin of error in the other phases of the game.
  2. People committing mental penalties. Overall Georgia’s penalty production against Mizzou wasn’t that bad. But Kirby Choates’ targeting penalty late could have easily been a killer. As Kirby Smart clearly mouthed to Choates as he got to the sideline “You can’t do that!!!” If Georgia does that kind of thing on the road in Oxford, they’ll lose this football game. Ole Miss is explosive enough to beat the ‘Dawgs without the ‘Dawgs helping them.
  3. People who don’t like Smokey & The Bandit. Animals. Just animals.
  4. People who block for Nick Chubb. Admittedly, these people are only rumored to exist in Athens. Kirby Smart got a little testy with reporters this afternoon when asked whether he and Sam Pittman have considered other offensive line combinations. I don’t exactly blame him. Of course they have. They’ve tried every combination imaginable at this point. This is as good as it’s going to get. Teams will put eight or nine in the box and dare Georgia to beat them with a true freshman QB and a receiving unit that is still working on catching fastballs from said freshman QB. Once Eason and crew prove they can do it, there’ll be more room for the running backs. Until then, it’s tough sledding.
  5. Hugh Freeze’s email account. If all those folks he told to email him with evidence of Ole Miss cheating actually did so I’m sure his Gmail account looks like a digital version of the Battle of the Somme.
  6. Greg McGarity. Was rooting for Sheriff Buford T. Justice the whole time.Until later . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!