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Sunday Superlatives: Missouri Edition.

If it’s Sunday we’re once again celebrating the best and brightest from yesterday’s Georgia Bulldog football game. This is always a lot more fun after a win, but especially after a win in which more than one player stepped up at an opportune time to great things happen.

Offensive MVP: Is there really any question? It’s Isaiah McKenzie. It was always Isaiah McKenzie. The Human Joystick’s 10 catches for 122 yards and 2 touchdowns were the margin of victory in this one. His final touchdown reception from Jacob Eason was so good it bears watching again.

Defensive MVP: When you create 5 turnovers you should have some options for this spot. And there were even options among players who didn’t return the ball to the offense. Natrez Patrick notched a career-high 9 tackles, which is a darn good night.

Ultimately. I’m going with Dominick Sanders. He didn’t have any picks. He only tallied 4 total tackles. But Sanders was the one who stripped the ball away from Tiger receiver J’Mon Moore at the 50 yard line with under a minute to go. It will be forgotten, but if you rematch that play there wasn’t anyone between Moore and the Bulldog end zone except maybe a trailing Juwaun Briscoe.

If Sanders doesn’t make that play Missouri is, at worst, closing in on field goal range. It’s very likely that Moore was one broken tackle away from scoring and essentially resurrecting Mizzou from the grave.

Play of the day: Again, this is kind of a no-brainer.

Low blow: Going to have to go with William Ham’s knuckling 38 yard missed field goal. It’s actually an easier kick than the shorter one from the far right hash that he missed first. This one was just a stinker of a kick. That being said, Ham showed a lot of gumption coming back out and drilling the extra point following McKenzie’s TD. Like, it was probably his best scoring kick of the season. You can’t make this stuff up.

Fun fact: Georgia can't do anything with turnovers. The 'Dawgs have created 8 turnovers on the season (they're +3 in turnover margin) but have scored a whopping 6 points off those takeaways, including 0 off 5 turnovers against Mizzou. That's . . .not ideal. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!!