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Victory Dancing, Smart Style Episode 3: Hey Y'all Watch This!

When you have that what the heck was that feeling you know it all started with either "Hey Y'all Watch This!" or "Hold My Beer!"

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

It is our intention to celebrate Georgia Football Wins whenever and wherever they occur.  The ugliness of any particular win is irrelevant for the purposes of the Victory Dance.

Normally when I am shocked and stunned by what I've just witnessed, the event is preceded by someone shouting either Hey Y'all Watch This or alternately, Hold My Beer.*  I don't know who did the shouting at the beginning, or just what the heck happened today, but I do know when time expired in the good Columbia, the Classic City Canines were Victorious.

This week's dancing star is a combination of Jacob "Iceman" Eason & Isaiah MacKenzie.  Eason the Freshman gave us 55 passes, 29 of which were complete for 308 yards and 3 total touch downs.  IMac provided 10 Receptions, 122 Yards, and 2 touchdowns, including that beautiful game winning 20 Yd pass for a TD.

It is therefore my deepest honor and privilege to bring to you this week's edition of: Victory Dancing, Smart Style.

Coach Kirby Smart currently boasts a perfect 3-0 record and a 1.00 winning percentage, having carded his first SEC win over the Mizzou Tigers in Columbia.  At the identical juncture in their careers:

Vince Dooley's third game as head coach resulted in a 7-7 tie with South Carolina in the bad Columbia giving Coach Dooley an opening record of 1-1-1 and 0.500 percentage.

Coach Mark Richt was 2-1 (0.667) after beating the Fayetteville Hog Callers at home in the 2001 season.

I don't know about y'all, but personally, when the game was over I was jumping up and down in the living room and my Munson was so excited he jumped with me and in another I-have-no-idea-how-that-happened-moment, I'm pretty sure I got a French kiss from my favorite four-legged bulldog, but what the hell, Georgia Won!

Three games in to his head coaching career Kirby Smart is ahead by percentage of the two winningest coaches in Georgia History.

Next week I hope you'll join me live & in person at The Blind Pig on Washington Ave in Athens to cheer on the boys, watch MaconDawg behead the sacrificial goat and if we win, I have it on good authority we'll see some serious White Man Victory Dancing.

As always . . .

Go 'Dawgs !!!

*That's not an uncommon event on a warm Friday or Saturday night down in HoCo y'all.