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Cocktail Thursday: Mizzou Edition

old fashioned

If your Georgia Bulldogs are heading into SEC play off an underwhelming two point victory over a team they were favored to throttle by fifty, you could probably use a drink. I can help with that.

I remain unable to convince myself that the Georgia Bulldogs are as bad a football team as they showed on Saturday in Athens. I think what we saw was a team that didn’t take its opponent as seriously as it should have until it was too late, and that then eased off the gas too early, mentally and physically. That’s a bad combo.

A little simple execution this week against the Tigers would go a long way toward soothing my jitters. I’m not even talking about a win. Because I’m fully at peace with the notion that when you start a freshman QB on the road in the SEC you’re likely to take some lumps. The Tigers may still have question marks on offense but their defense looks relatively solid, and they’ll punish the Bulldog offensive line for type of missed assignments we saw against Nicholls State.

Nope, just want to see the effort and execution that would tell me that brighter days are ahead. Not allowing my tender heart to dream of anything more than that. But another lackadaisical effort really might be the last straw for my teetering sanity.

So, what is the perfect drink for that situation? Abita Brewing Company’s Strawgator. It’s a lager from one of my absolute favorite southern breweries, which also makes Turbodog, for twenty years running one of my three or four favorite beers and one of the original Cocktail Thursday selections.

I don’t generally allow Gators of any type in my home, but this once I’ll make an exception. It has a crisp lager flavor that’s great for these early season games when it’s still summer hot. It’s got a touch of strawberry juice which honestly gives it more aroma than flavor. I generally dislike fruit beers because they have so much of whatever high fructose sweetener the brewmaster uses that they taste like flavored cough syrup. Not so Strawgator. It hits the sweet spot between being just another beer and being cloyingly sweet and undrinkable.

Plus it’s 8% alcohol by volume. And there’s a distinct possibility that I may need to get fully and righteously hammered around 10:00 p.m. eastern on Saturday, and this will let me do it twice as fast as Bud Light. Until later . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!