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Your Week 3 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Kirby Smart... who is, surprisingly, more concerned with getting ready to field a competitive football team than media availability.

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First, we had the "Greatest Opening Weekend of College Football EVAH!"  Then we had last weekend.  Some people got all hot and bothered because there were a number of close games that shouldn't have been, but the matchups were not compelling.  At all. Now we have a really solid weekend with a number of amazing games all jammed into the same time slot.  Get it together college football!  We couldn't have scheduled a few of these games for last weekend? Come on!

Anyway, this is an exciting lineup of college football action.  So get ready, cause here it comes...

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#6 Houston Cougars @ Cincinnati Bearcats, 7:30 pm, ESPN

I don't think Houston will have any problem dispatching the Bearcats.  But Cincinnati holds a decisive victory over the Purdue Boilermakers, so if they were a Big 10 team they'd probably be ranked.


#21 Baylor Bears @ Rice Owls. 8:00 pm, ESPN

This is probably not going to be a great game.  But it's a Friday night, so we could do a lot worse.


#2 Florida State Seminoles @ #10 Louisville Cardinals, 12:00 pm, ABC

Louisville has scored points in bunches.  The Seminoles have shown they can score at will when necessary.  I'll take FSU in this one, but I don't feel great about it. However, if the Cardinals prove to be fool's gold as they have in the past, I'll feel pretty great about that.


#1 Alabama Crimson Tide @ #19 Ole Miss Rebels, 3:30 pm, CBS

This is a no brainer.  Despite Lil' Nicky's protestations, the Tide have looked downright invincible.  But that's been true before and with enough duffel bags full of cash the Rebels have managed to render that point moot.  It should be an interesting contest to say the least.


#16 Georgia Bulldogs @ Missouri Tigers, 7:30 pm, SEC Network

As I said before Georgia's contest against the North Carolina Tarheels, this could either go very well or very badly.  I don't really think there's much gray area here.  Either Georgia has spent the last week ironing out the more glaring issues which showed up in the Nicholls State game or we're going to find ourselves at the bottom of the SEC East in a hurry.  I'll be watching.  I figure you will be too.  May all our wishes come true and all our fears be assuaged.

But if it turns out that watching the Dawgs is making you consider imbibing a large container of turpentine, feel free to flip over to one of the following options:

#12 Michigan State Spartans @ #18 Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 7:30 pm, NBC

I wouldn't normally suggest you watch a Notre Dame game.  They're generally better left to wander the dark recesses of the college football television landscape.  But if the Spartans can beat the Fighting Irish, Notre Dame will go away.  When you're teetering back and forth between being an Independent and a quasi-ACC team, you simply can't afford two losses.  And that's worth watching.

#4 Ohio State Buckeyes @ #14 Oklahoma Sooners, 7:30 pm, FOX

Can Bob Stoops shake the "Big Game Bob" moniker against Urban Meyer's Buckeyes?  I can't believe he can, but stranger things have happened.  Drop this one and we can officially start ignoring Oklahoma.


#11 Texas Longhorns @ California Golden Bears, 10:30 pm, ESPN

Cal lost to the San Diego State Aztecs last week, so I can't imagine they'll put up much of a fight.  Then again, we thought the same thing about Nicholls State against Georgia.  So finish your day by tuning in to find out if the Golden Bears can pull off the impossible and see how legit Charlie Strong's Longhorns may actually be.


That's all for this week folks. Until next time...