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Sunday ‘Dawg Bites: Yes, that really happened. But Why?

Nicholls v Georgia Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

Usually waking up on the morning following a Georgia Bulldog football victory does not feel quite this ominous. However, this is the morning after Georgia very nearly pulled off the most embarrassing loss in program history, only to instead pull off what will hopefully go down in history as a moderately embarrassing win.

Every Bulldog fan wants answers, and Kirby Smart had a few during the post game. He confirmed that the offensive line did not play up to expected standards. Saying they ‘need to get better’ is accurate in the same sense as saying Stone Mountain is a big rock.

Players denied looking past the Colonels, and while I don't blame them in a sense, there's no way that's accurate. Now the question is whether they can learn from the close call.

Chip Towers was apparently making the same mental comparison I was late in the game. Georgia was trying really hard to relive the embarrassing 1996 loss that opened the Jim Donnan era (and coincidentally my collegiate experience).

Somebody will start at quarterback on Saturday against Missouri. Kirby Smart just isn't willing to say who. But spoiler, it’s going to be Jacob Eason though.

Team Speed Kills notes that at the end of the day the Dawgs are still headed into SEC play undefeated. With the number of top twenty teams who actually have gone down in the season’s first two weeks that’s saying something. If today’s close call and the resulting butt chewings push the team to be hyper-focused for Mizzou, it will be all worth it. It's better to sleep walk against a team you can hold on against than an SEC who you might not be able to match score for score down the stretch.

Finally, Jeff Schultz responded to the game by getting his knickers in a twist over the fact that Kirby Smart is not providing enough players for him to get quotes from. This of course means that Schultz has to actually provide his original thoughts on the game rather than stringing together explanations from the participants. That really sucks for him.

Would it be nice for Kirby Smart to relax his so far almost comical media restrictions? Sure. It would make my job a lot easier. But Kirby Smart’s not getting paid to make my life easier. He’s getting paid to win football games.

One dynamic for fans to be aware of, however, is that members of the media pool covering the Bulldogs continue to bristle at what they perceive as a much less accommodating atmosphere than what they enjoyed before with Mark Richt. Remember that I pointed this out when, inevitably, the hatchets come out at some point in the future following a tough loss or two. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!