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Smart: ‘We’re begging for leadership.’

Remarks from Kirby Smart following Saturday’s underwhelming victory over Nicholls State.

Smart is is likely right that his young team needs leaders to step up, not just on game days but also during the week to make sure that optimal preparation takes place every day.

One of the most frustrating aspects of this game for me was the re-emergence of ‘We got this syndrome’, a disease in which afflicted college football teams believe that the game is over before it actually is. Georgia was on the verge of going up 33-14 when a Jacob Eason interception, an Isaiah McKenzie fumble, and lackadaisical tackling very nearly spelled disaster. Losing focus and letting your foot off the gas like that is a definite sign of youth and inexperience.

Mid second Smart’s thoughts on Trenton Thompson as well. The guy was a beast on Saturday. Not just on the plays he made in the backfield (which were multiple), but also by getting a push and drawing more than his fair share of blockers play in and play out. The big guy from Albany is playing (and apparently practicing) his way toward All-SEC status. Until later...

Go ‘Dawgs!!!