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Georgia Nicholls State Second Half Open Thread

Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

I'm guessing CKS put in an order for something with some zip in it for the whole team.  Probably a pick up truck load of BC Powders and another one of Four Hour Energy.  Apparently they partied a little too hard last night and just haven't quite gotten themselves together this morning.  Hopefully they'll get some things sorted out in the locker room and  will show us something better than we've seen for the last 20 minutes.

We are still up 10-7 at the end of the first half.  Last weekend we came back from a 10 point deficit to win by 9 in the last 21 minutes of play.  I'm not worried.

Can we talk about Dom Sanders?  The one-handed almost pick was a beautiful thing to see and followed up with the pick, wow.  The man has some ball hawking skills.  It's good to see Sony back as well.

Take heart Dawg fans, the fat lady hasn't started singing yet, she hasn't even made it to the stadium yet.  If we can score 19 points in 21 minutes against UNC last week, I feel good about what we'll see in the second half.

Pull up a chair, grab a cold beverage of your choice and let's enjoy the second half of the first game of the Eason Era.

GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!