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Yante Maten wins dolphin dance off, 'Dawgs win Spanish exhibition

But coach, it was T-Swizz. I had to.
But coach, it was T-Swizz. I had to.
Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Yante Maten has a variety of skills which the average human doesn't. Dunking, rebounding, sprinting up and down a basketball court for lengths of time that would put the average middle-aged cubicle dweller in the cardiology wing of the hospital. Salsa dancing, macrame, you name it. Add to that the ability to outdance dolphins. Maten got roped into a dance off at a Valencia, Spain aquatic park and, well . . .

Oh, and he also helped the Bulldogs to a 118-70 exhibition tour win over Valencia All-Stars.

Go 'Dawgs!!!