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You can take the Tiger fan out of Auburn . . .

San Jose State v Auburn
They do this stuff on purpose. That’s the scary part.
Photo by Michael Chang/Getty Images

But you can never de-Auburn someone once they’ve been infected.

I’m not sure who the intrepid WarPlainsTigerBagMan driving this around Knoxville was, but I have a few guesses.

  • Bruce Pearl, coming back to campus to pick up that Journey cassette he forgot he hid in the air vent of his old office.
  • Recently dismissed Auburn tailback Jovon Robinson in town to meet with Butch Jones.
  • One of the founders of Mama Goldberg’s on a mission to bring fine dining to Creamsicle Country.
  • Pat Dye marketing his own off-brand version of truck nutz.

Thank you, Auburn man. You are the Jackass to our Scorsese. The corndog to our ribeye. The Gomer to our Andy. I freely admit that I occasionally happen upon a fellow Bulldog fan who has done or said something that I wish they had not. But I can always rest secure in the fact that they aren't driving around Oxford or Nashville in a car that says "Georgia Tech suxxx!!!!" on the back next to an improvised set of canine testicles. So I got that going for me. Which is nice. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!