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Your Week 1 College Football TV Schedule

Brought to you by Paul Johnson... who apparently has enough time on his hands to read Dawg Sports on Twitter and then block us. Enjoy another sub-.500 season Paul.

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Welcome back to another glorious season of college football.  I've pried myself away from the corner where I've been huddled and rocking back and forth since January and I'm ready for the best 4 months of the year.  There really is nothing like the combination of eager anticipation and almost crippling uncertainty that the week leading up to the first weekend of college football can bring. This is that week and I know you're all ready to get started.

For those of you new to Dawg Sports, many years ago I began circulating a weekly spreadsheet of the week's nationally-televised college football games to a few friends and family members.  A few years later, I began posting that schedule here on the site. There are a few things you should know about the schedule:

  • I will use the AP Poll (despite my disdain for it) until the first BCS rankings are released, at which point they will become the rankings used.
  • In the event that multiple games are scheduled on the same channel for different regions of the country, the event showing on that channel in the Atlanta TV viewing area will be the one used.
  • This is a Southern blog about a Southern university written by Southern writers.  As such, I choose to exercise my God-given right to ignore the Big Ten Network and the PAC-12 Network.  I grudgingly acknowledge the ACC Network (such as it is) due to misguided regional interest.
  • Each week I will highlight what I believe to be the most watchable game in each time slot.  This will always include Georgia because see bullet point 3.  Other than that, this is based on my opinion of the best possible game, the best possible opportunity for schadenfreude, or the fact that there just isn't much else on.

And with that, I give you Your Week 1 College Football TV Schedule!

Your Week 1 College Football TV Schedule >>> CLICK HERE!!!


South Carolina Gamecocks @ Vanderbilt Commodores, 8 pm, ESPN

Well, this should be a glorious disaster.  In the past, there have been better ways to kick off the season, but I won't deny you the most beautiful of all college football observances: the patented Will Muschamp crash and burn.


Colorado Buffaloes vs. Colorado State Rams (Denver), 8 pm, ESPN

While the game between the Kansas State Wildcats and the #8 Stanford Cardinal might draw your eye, I encourage you to turn your attention to the first in-state rivalry game of the year and the majesty that is Bobo Ball.


Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets vs. Boston College Eagles (Dublin), 7:30 am, ESPN2

Roll out of bed, put on a fresh pot of Maker's Mark, and get ready for some football!  What could be better than watching the Yellow Jackets embarrass themselves on the gridiron, you ask? How about watching them travel almost 4000 miles for the privilege?


#15 Houston Cougars vs. #3 Oklahoma Sooners (Houston), 12:00 pm, ABC

The Cougars have a de facto home game to demonstrate just why they belong in the Big 12.  The Sooners attempt to avoid an early season disappointment that could have far-reaching implications.  Enjoy!


#18 Georgia Bulldogs vs. #22 North Carolina Tar Heels (Atlanta), 5:30 pm, ESPN

This is the one I've been waiting for. Hoping for.  Dreading. This one could go very well or very badly.  I really don't foresee a close game one way or the other.  Absolute triumph or absolute disaster.  However misguided, I just have a feeling about this one... Chubb Comin'.

Here we go...


#1 Alabama Crimson Tide vs. #20 USC Trojans (Arlington), 8 pm, ABC

There is also a contest between the Clemson Tigers and Auburn Tigers in this time frame, but I honestly think Clemson is going to absolutely run Gus Malzahn out of the building.  I think Alabama is probably going to kill USC too, but it will be a 20 point killing instead of a 30+ point killing... so this is the better option (unless, of course, you just enjoy watching Auburn get destroyed... in which case I don't blame you one bit).


Arizona Wildcats vs. BYU Cougars (Glendale), 10:30 pm, Fox Sports 1

You've grilled all day and you're more drunk than you've been in quite some time.  You know who's always there for you? That's right... the BYU Cougars.  They may not be around to hold your hair while you puke, but they'll damn sure entertain you afterward.  Thank you BYU.  Thank you.


#10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish @ Texas Longhorns, 7:30 pm, ESPN

Its time to find out if Charlie Strong finally has things straightened out in Austin.  And nothing would give me more pleasure than watching them take the next step against the perennially overrated Fighting Irish.  Hook em' indeed.

MONDAY (Labor Day)

#4 Florida State Seminoles vs. #11 Ole Miss Rebels (Orlando), 8 pm, ESPN

I'm consistently perplexed by the continued faith the polls place in Ole Miss.  I don't think this year is any exception. I'm not totally sold on the Seminoles, but I'm relatively certain they'll topple the Rebears... even with a new QB.  And that would be a pleasant way to end Labor Day.

College Football is back and it's back in a big way, Enjoy yourselves... you've earned it.

That's all for this week folks. Until next time...