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The Welcome Back College Football Friday Night Open Thread

Cal and Hawaii are about to play actual college football in Australia of all places. And we couldn’t be happier.

It seems like it’s been forever since Alabama hoisted to national championship trophy and drew closed the curtain on the 2015 college football season.

Let’s start all over again. The California Golden Bears and Hawaii Warriors will kick off the 2016 season at 10:00 p.m. eastern on ESPN in what is officially being called the College Football Sydney Cup. Frankly they could call it “Blotto Bear’s Good Time Hour and Tea Cozy Knitting Circle” for all I care. It’s actual college football that actually counts in actual standings and oh God it’s beautiful.

This will be the place for all your game watching fun and any other general revelry. Please remember to pick up after yourselves, and that celebratory gunfire is frowned upon in habitated areas. Until later . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!