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And Now for the Big Question: Will Kirby Smart Wear a Visor Against UNC?

“I haven’t decided yet.”

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

If you weren’t convinced it’s time for college football season to start, look no further.

Georgia Bulldogs coach was asked a burning question during his media availability on Wednesday:

Will he or won’t he wear a visor against UNC?

Response below:

"Great question!" Smart says. "I haven’t decided yet. It’s not something I usually think about. I’ve worn them sometimes and I haven’t sometimes. It just kind of depended on the day."

While somewhat more common these days, the visor is still often associated with the Head Ball Coach, Steve Spurrier.

Not that it'll matter for Smart. So far, he's worn a visor at all of Georgia's practices and wore it during the spring game, so maybe it's time for a new visor in the SEC.

Or maybe it's just time for football season to start.