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UGA swimmer Gunnar Bentz pulled from plane, not allowed to leave Rio

SWIMMING: Olympic Training
UGA swimmer Gunnar Bentz is among those with some ‘'splaining to do.
Kevin D. Liles-USA TODAY Sports

Multiple media outlets reported this evening that University of Georgia junior swimmer Gunnar Bentz was removed from his flight home from the Rio Olympics today after a Brazilian judge ordered several US swimmers to stay in the country. It's part of an investigation of an alleged robbery of Bentz and fellow swimmers Jimmy Feigen, Jack Conger, and Ryan Lochte that occurred as they were returning to the Olympic Village from a night of partying.

The swimmers reported being held at gunpoint in a taxi by armed assailants posing as police officers. However, authorities have announced that Lochte’s and Feigen’s statements regarding the incident are contradictory. Also, Judge Keyla Blanc de Cnop determined that key details were missing from the athletes’ statements, and police have been unable to find any evidence of the alleged crime. Finally, surveillance footage from the Olympic Village appeared to show the Americans laughing and joking as they returned, not looking as if theyd just been robbed with deadly force,

Bentz made UGA history in Rio by becoming the first male Bulldog swimmer to win Olympic gold when he took first place as a part of the 4x200 freestyle relay team. Obviously this was not how the former St. Pius X swimmer wanted to end his Brazilian trip.

But to me the whole thing smacks of a Brazilian establishment tired of the jokes and accusations about their incompetence deciding to make an example of the Americans. It seems a little unusual that a city which allegedly doesn't have the money to pay its cops has managed to send some out to debunk the drunken alibi of a bunch of swim bros. Also, you have to admit that if there was going to be weird dumbness at these Games, certified #FloridaMan Ryan Lochte was bound to be involved. We’ll keep you posted as this oddity develops. Until later...

Go Dawgs!!!