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It’s truly the end of a whiny era. And the beginning of another.

NCAA Football: Georgia Spring Game Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

This will make certain Bulldog fans very, very happy.

I was never among those who were infuriated by Coach Richt taking one day of fall practice to let the team decompress a little. Having sweated my own rear end off in the Georgia heat going through two-a-days I can relate. I also don’t think that Georgia lost the football games it did over the past few years because of one day of horseplay at the Ramsey Center pool, but because of depth issues, injury issues, and lack of proper preparation before games in which the opponent was completely and violently ready to play.

That being said, somewhere is a guy who absolutely hated Mark Richt’s pool days, who saw this tweet today, and had an actual aneurysm.

My sympathies to his family. The truth is that some fans will never be satisfied by some thing that whoever the head coach at the University of Georgia does. God bless ‘em. Until later . . .

Go ‘Dawgs!!!