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Smart pleased with effort in first scrimmage but "we got a lot of improving to do."

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Georgia completed its first scrimmage of the fall in Sanford Stadium this afternoon, and Kirby Smart was suitably Munsonian about it, proclaiming as soon as he stepped to the podium afterward that his team is "not where they need to be." Smart has stressed effort, toughness, and execution during camp and described today's effort by noting that "the effort was good, the toughness was okay, but the execution was poor."

A few specific notes from Smart's post-scrimmage remarks:

  • The top 'Dawg pre-empted questions about the quarterbacks by saying he'd reserve judgment until after he watches them on film, but that "each guy that did something good, did something really boneheaded."
  • Nick Chubb carried the ball a few times and Smart seemed a little perturbed that the officials working the scrimmage were blowing the whistle quickly each time. Chubb "got tackled and did well with it", getting over another test on the way back to full duty. Smart noted that Chubb didn't appear as "sudden" as in the past, but also pointed out that after two straight weeks of camp most players aren't quite as fresh-legged as they would like to be.
  • Smart bemoaned "really poor tackling" but also shouldered some of the blame for that, saying that the staff needs to emphasize it more in practice.
  • While noting that Alabama transfer Maurice Smith will benefit from familiarity with the terminology and schemes he'll be playing in, Smart is clearly tired of talking about Smith's situation.
  • Smart noted that middle linebackers Johnny O'Neal and Ryne Rankin have done a good job learning their assignments but are not quite ready to play yet.
We'll be back with more as your Georgia Bulldogs inch closer to kickoff. Until later...
Go 'Dawgs!!!