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Goats, Roasts, Shenanigans & Malarky

The Dawg Sports School of Shenanigans & Malarky says it's time to Party

Le Croques Hedum
Le Croques Hedum

Here at the Dawg Sports School of Shenanigans & Malarky (DSSSM) we like to have an annual fete we call The Goat Roast.  In years past we've held our gathering at The Blind Pig on Baldwin Street but shortly after last year's soiree they moved into their shiny new digs at 312 E Washington Ave.  I absolutely swear we had nothing to do with their decision to move as far as I know.

Since their new digs are actually quite shiny and fancy pants I'm afraid they'll may be less inclined to accommodate some of our previous antics (smeared cake ala door jamb anyone?) so we thought we'd upgrade our gathering as well.  This Year's event will be called:  Le Coques Hedum.  (Google says that's Latin for The Goat Roast, plus Hedum looks like it ought to sound an awful lot like heathen which frankly some of us absolutely are.)

So here's the general plan:  On September 24th, half an hour prior to kick off bring yourself, your friends, your neighbors, your family & your Dawg Sports family to gather together to eat, drink, watch football, hoot, holler & cheer on the Dawgs as they wallop the heck out of the Hotty Toddy Rebel Black Bears, and of course take the Croquet Mallet to that Hedum at the Fancy Pants version of The Blind Pig over on Washington Ave.

I, along with Mr. Podunkdawg, Squillian & Mr. Squillian will be there as will many of your favorite DSSSM members.  We just might even manage a fun surprise guest for you and of course we'll be on #Chubb4Heismann2016 Watch

It's a new year, we've got a new coach, Chubb is back, and there's a new gathering place.  Mark your calendars and come out on the 24th to see if:

  • Goat Cake is still tasty
  • I manage to retain my voice when it's all over or Mr. Podunkdawg enjoys a silent night
  • MaconDawg has been practicing beheading goats in the off season
  • Just exactly how much Just Some Dawg can drink and remain both upright and still married

The Blind Pig is a family-friendly venue so feel free to bring your husbands, wives, children and/or Mama's to the party, we've had all of the above before and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.