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Bovada: Georgia Bulldogs 9-to-1 to Win the SEC

Two to one to win the SEC East.

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

While we're in the midst of the long, sweltering dog days of offseason, now is a perfect time to head to Vegas and place a bet on the Georgia Bulldogs, or whatever team you fancy this fall.

Bovada has released updated championship odds for every conference in the nation, including the almighty SEC. While Vegas likes Georgia, they like Tennessee even more when it comes to the SEC East, and overall the 'Dawgs have the fourth-best odds of winning the conference according to the site.

Here's the full breakdown:

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the SEC East Division

Tennessee 4/5

Georgia 2/1

Florida 9/2

Missouri 16/1

Kentucky 25/1

South Carolina 25/1

Vanderbilt 25/1

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the SEC West Division

Alabama 4/5

LSU 9/4

Auburn 7/1

Ole Miss 12/1

Arkansas 14/1

Texas A&M 14/1

Mississippi State 20/1

NCAA Football 2016 Season - Odds to win the SEC Championship

Alabama 7/4

LSU 7/2

Tennessee 7/2

Georgia 9/1

Ole Miss 10/1

Texas A&M 16/1

Auburn 18/1

Florida 18/1

Arkansas 20/1

Kentucky 50/1

Missouri 50/1

Mississippi State 50/1

South Carolina 66/1

Vanderbilt 100/1

What does 9 to 1 mean? It means that if you bet $50 on UGA to win the SEC and it happens, you'll win a lot more money than that. I still don't understand all the hype surrounding Tennessee, but maybe Butch Jones knows something I don't. Would you take Georgia with these odds?