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Happy Independence Day from Dawg Sports!

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

On this, the day upon which we celebrate the birth of our nation, it is my estimable honor to thank all of you for exercising your freedom to come here for your Georgia Bulldog news and commentary. We hope you'll use this day to exercise some of your other inalienable rights as a college football fan. Like the right to count Paul Johnson's chins like the rings on a tree. The right to read every book in the Auburn library. All. Fourteen. Of. Them. The right to hold a satellite camp seven hundred miles from your campus in hopes that a three star defensive end may decide to sign with your school. The right to hire Will Muschamp as your head coach because, heck, it's got to work eventually, right?

So get out there and enjoy yourselves. But first tell us in the comment section how you intend to do it. What are you grilling, smoking, and/or drinking? Sports on the docket? Are you hitting the lake or beach? Wherever the day takes you, stay safe and......

Go 'Dawgs!!!