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Horrible things we said on Twitter this week

Daniel Shirey/Getty Images

Much of the actual news and analysis produced by the Dawg Sports team goes on this site. But there's a darker, more snarky place to find Dawg Sports takes on the college sports world: the Dawg Sports Twitter account. It's full of terrible, unfair, mean, and snarky things said about Georgia Bulldog opponents and the college landscape in general. Some of you have the good sense to stay off Twitter. Too bad. Because we're bringing some of the highlights of Dawg Sports Twitter to you. We apologize in advance. (Additional warning: mild, sporadic profanity. Be aware.)

The Week in Review

Missouri can't keep anyone in their athletic offices. I mean anyone.

Well, if you don't ask the answer is always "no."

Steve Spurrier is a Gator once again. To be fair he could have made this switch last offseason and no one would have noticed the difference.

Gerry. Freakin'. DiNardo. We didn't find this picture, merely retweeted it. But it's Gerry DiNardo.

If a goat with a brain parasite swung a golf club, it would still beat Bret Bielema in match play, 4 up with 3 holes to go.

In case you were wondering, we still hate Auburn.

I have a world of respect for Duke head coach David Cutcliffe. Nevertheless he got a commitment from a Georgia high school prospect, couldn't name him personally due to NCAA rules, and therefore did the next best thing: sent a really stupid Tweet that made us fear he'd suffered a stroke.

Finally, Iowa fans got really, really upset that SB Nation's Bill Connolly pointed out that they lost to the good teams they played last season, lost key players from that 2 loss 2015 squad, and as a result are not going to win the Big Ten this season. We obviously chose to make fun of Iowa fans.

Why? Because it's the offseason and we have to stay in shape somehow.

That's it for this week. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!