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'Dawgs on Tour: Rain-out Edition

The PGA Tour was scheduled against the Fightin' Bye's this past week. The scheduled tournament was cancelled because of extensive flooding in the West Virginia region.

Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Bubba Watson has been getting some more publicity in recent weeks, and this time its positive. The temperamental golfer has well documented public-perception problems, but this article shows a very human side to Bubba and his wife Angie as they go through the child adoption process.

Additionally, there was a re-air of a CBS 60 Minutes segment devoted to the enigma of Bubba. I don't think the entire segment can be viewed over the web, but if you try this link you can watch portions of the segment.

And finally, most of you are aware of the tragic flooding in West Virginia last month. What you might not know is that Bubba Watson maintains a residence at the Greenbrier Resort, and tweeted out flood footage and updates as it was taking place around him. The flooding eventually cancelled the PGA Tour stop at Greenbrier (scheduled for 7/7-10), but the need is still there.

Bubba Watson. Just when you think you knew him.