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Making peace with Tim Tebow

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

There was apparently a pretty major story involving Tim Tebow earlier this week. Tebow was on a flight from Atlanta to Phoenix when a fellow passenger fell ill. As medically-trained passengers and crew members worked to revive the man, Tebow walked forward to comfort and pray with his family. Unfortunately, the man did not recover and was pronounced dead after the flight landed.

That doesn't change the fact that what Tebow did was a kind and compassionate thing. There was a time when I found Tim Tebow to be among the most annoying human beings on the planet. A faux-humble attention hound with mediocre QB skills who nevertheless was inserted by Urban Meyer into a system which perfectly harnessed his true skill set: rhinocero-human capable of throwing the occasional wobbly slant route to Percy Harvin.

But then something happened. Tebow graduated from Florida, NFL scouts pointed out the obvious. Tebow was never going to be a reliable NFL quarterback. He'd not arrived in Gainesville with the skills required to be one and Meyer's system did not help to develop those skills. Tebow faded from the NFL as young players often do, moving from a team that thought it could use him, to another team that thought it could use him better, then hoping to catch on with a team that could use him properly, doing TV work while waiting for the phone to ring. He's now hosting a home improvement show.

And I'm glad for him. I've essentially forgotten about Tim Tebow, football player, whose prime is now almost a decade in the past. Good for him for finding productive things to do outside the lines. And for doing something very decent, something which some would have said at one time was just more Tebow attention-mongering. Bye, bye Tim. Best of luck to you.